Yay for our new website!

Introducing our new-look website www.indiboo.co.uk


A big hello to our clients, colleagues, media chums and visitors...

Well, it's been a long not-so-hot summer and we can confirm that our resident small person has finally gone back to school. Pop the champagne, twerk...no, that hurts... do the running man, give praise to the gods (mainly the wine one) and woopity, woop, woop, woop. I know you feel our pain!

All said, we have been busy little bees here at INDIBOO. We've delivered a couple of corking set build and styling projects for some lovely new clients over the summer which we'll be blogging about in the coming weeks and dare we say it...yes, our spangly new website has gone live! Hopefully you'll find plenty of information about the super-creative independent art department services we offer and some examples of our past work to wet your whistle. 


We thought it might be nice to share a bit of a blog about the site, particularly focusing on the amazing suite of hero images that we recently produced and directed. It's been a real process for us but we're so pleased with the outcome and we'd just love to tell you all about it...

Artistic Direction

When we initially started thinking about developing a new site, we knew that it had to be informative and visually impactful but we also wanted to incorporate a sense of playfulness and humour. We began drawing out scamps featuring vintage toys and quirky objects that we could manipulate to represent people, themes, a play on words; but ultimately deliver a narrative for each page. We felt we needed minimalistic, colourful backdrops combined with moody lighting for an immersive feel but essentially to include objects that could provoke a sense of light-hearted nostalgia.


The Pig and a Touch of Creative Genius

It really all began with a somewhat inebriated photographer on a rocking horse in our back garden and a felted model entitled 'Albert Einschwein' (get it?). We'd recently found our new favourite crafter @Mythillogical - a maker of wonderfully quirky little things. Having considered options for our home page that could play with the concept of 'creative genius' in a visual sense, we knew that Einschwein was for us. Research ensued and we eventually selected nine creative genii that we threw into the mix. Can you name them?

Further sourcing followed to find other vintage items and curiosities to complete the full set of images. Amongst them, a Vulcan toy sewing machine circa 1950, a wooden jigsaw from the 60's and our winner of 'Oddball of the Shoot', a 1970's Poodle toy, rocking a ginormous beehive....well, why not! Luckily, our chums at Handmade Theatre also happened to have the 'oi oi megaphone' lying around which we just loved and thought would be perfect for our blog page. A bit of fishing line for rigging, some clever lighting and voila!


Favourite find

Our favourite find has to be the vintage children's typewriter featured on our 'Contact Us' page. We really wanted to source an old grey typewriter to tie in with the Walkie Talkie's and our miniature comms squad but struggled. At the final hour we came across a 1960's Playcraft Petit Typewriter located in Dronfield, North East Derbyshire. We ordered it immediately and when it arrived the following day we gave it a good look over. To our surprise, we found a manufacturing label underneath which stated that it was made in the Playcraft factory on Rye Street, New Basford - two streets away from our current studio! The factory unfortunately closed down many years ago but we're happy to say that this obscure but well-loved toy has found it's way home. Such provenance!



Thanks and stuff

Anyway, to conclude our story, the no-longer inebriated photographer (left) produced these amazing images and the rest is history. Thank you Ralph Barklam (of Nottingham photographic powerhouse, Scene) and also a big thanks to Scene Studios for the space and supporting equipment.

We hope you enjoy seeing the images (above) as much as we did creating them and keep a look out for our upcoming blogs, thoughts and musings at www.indiboo.co.uk




Concept, Artistic Direction & Styling - Jennifer Gilbert-Scott, INDIBOO                   

Photography - Ralph Barklam, Scene Photography                                         

Model Maker - Jenny, Mythillogical    

Shot at Scene Studios, Nottingham